Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I am tired as shit.

Not in a "fuck this shit. I'm tired of it" but in a "I just started school after a month of not doing anything and I'm fucking exhausted" kind of way. I know this always happens when I start school, but I dread it. Ugh. This semester is going to be intense for sure. I'm pretty nervous about it after the almost trainwreck last semester was, but I'm excited too. I get to learn two languages, take two history classes, and direct for the first time (seriously this time, none of this theatre in high school bullshit). It's going to be a crazy fucking semester, but I'm ready.

What I'm not ready for? Into the Woods auditions. Damn. I was kind of set on not auditioning, but the SM wants me to audition so I guess I'll take a stab at it. I'm not really expecting to get cast since I'm aware that there are people that are more talented than I am. If I get cast in that show, knowing that I didn't get cast in Rumors, I'll be pretty fucking happy though, I'll admit. I was really bummed about not being in Rumors, but whatever. I haven't practiced my audition song since I got it last semester, though. I'm in no way prepared for this. Sigh.

Anyway, the bath bomb experiments are interesting to say the least. I thought adding spice smells to sweet smells was a good idea.


It's not a good idea. Never do it.

It was really disgusting, honestly. Every time I smell it, I get this bad feeling in the back of my throat. It kind of makes me gag a little. But I already went through with it and now it's in a bath bomb so I guess I'll mostly observe it to see if this recipe works out better than the last one. I didn't have any citric acid at the time so I used cream of tartar because I heard it could be substituted. Substituted is like a really nice way of putting it. The fucking thing sunk to the bottom of the bath tub and took a hundred years to dissolve. Not even joking.

However, one good thing came out of the experiments. I went through with my question thinking if tea would help add fragrance to the bath bombs and I was pleasantly surprised. I mean I kind of expected it to work and while the smell isn't as strong as I want it to be, it worked. It worked and it smells great. The only problem is I don't know if Disney makes that tea anymore, but it'll be alright. It was just an experiment. I guess I'll have to change the water to tea ratio. Make the tea really steeped to make the scent a lot stronger. I'll try to see if leaving it to cool in fridge for a day work. I didn't really wait for it to cool down and I've come to the conclusion that tea gets a thousand times stronger when it's ice cold.

Since I got the citric acid and the essential oils today, I was pretty excited. The fruity essential oils are really nice, but they have one called cinnamon leaf (which I added to the first one I talked about. GROSS) and I'm not a huge fan of it. I actually really hate the smell of cinnamon and that's like the smell of cinnamon times five hundred. It's so eugh. I'm gonna have fun mixing fruity oils to the other ones though. I'm gonna make an effort to get more floral oils, but I'll have to start saving up for those. This is a fun little adventure and I can't wait to launch it.

But again, I'm tired as shit. So I'm going to read a little bit for the book blog, maybe read for directing, and then go the fuck to sleep.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

So uh...2016!

I haven't really been posting on this blog. I kind of forgot about it, but now I want to use this as a way of documenting my day to day life or maybe even week to week to start out. Almost like a diary. I type way faster than I write and for some reason I don't like having a physical written diary, but I'm completely fine with a digital one on the internet. Strange, isn't it?

Anyway, this post is going to be about my 2016 resolutions for my personal life. I've made two different lists and one is for my book blog: Words Off the Page, but this one is about my personal life. Since they're kind of two entities, I'd rather have two than squish them into one.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Banggood Review: Sticky notes...and MORE Sticky Notes

So I decided to start doing reviews on things that I buy for sites I'm not super aware of.

Banggood is a site that I came across on Tumblr a while ago, but never really bothered to look at it. I went through it and while it's very much like Aliexpress with kind of a cleaner design (I think, at least). A lot of the site revolves around electronics and kind of odd things here and there, but overall it's an interesting site.

After some looking around, I found some sticky notes that I thought I would like to purchase. It's not just the ones up in that top picture, but also these:

I bought the Bandage stickies, a block of square stickies, and just three animal sticky tabs. The one thing I didn't really enjoy about the sticky notes with the little animals is that you weren't able to pick one. They were randomly chosen for you and sent to you. This is kind of a lot that I see in Aliexpress and Taobao. Unless you buy the entire lot, you'll get just a random design and not be able to choose it. Which is all right for the most part, but I bought three and didn't the one design that I wanted. It was the cute little blue one that's on the page ;-;. Oh well. They're still really cute.

Here's the package. It's a pretty small package, which makes sense, and the shipping only took about a week. I've had really good experiences with EMS or Airmail that actually comes with a tracking number. I hate not being able to track my packages, it makes me really nervous that I won't be getting them in the mail OTL.

I took the stickies out of their packaging and took some test runs. Actually, the bandage ones don't stick too well to surfaces that aren't paper, but the other stickies didn't seem to have a problem. I use them mostly for notebooks and scripts anyway, so what does it matter right?

 From what I find, they work pretty good. They stick.

Final Thoughts (out of 5):

The shipping was pretty standard, but I'm giving it a four because there was actually supposed to be another set of sticky notes, but they shipped it through their US Warehouse without a tracking number (which is almost my worst nightmare) and it has yet to arrive. If it's from a US warehouse it shouldn't take more than a week (from what I've experienced), so I'm wondering if I'll ever get it at all. 

The stickies were kind of just put in the bag without any kind of bubble wrap or anything. I mean, it's sticky notes, but they could be all bent out of shape and that would be a bit irritating.

They're pretty good quality, I'm not gonna lie. I'm definitely happier paying $0.99 for the bandage sticky notes instead of the normal $4-6 that I see it go for retail. For the price, it's definitely a bang for your buck

Though I'm upset that the one I wanted didn't get put in the bag, the bunny and the bear ones are still really cute. Not big on the mouse one though. 

The communication was generally a good experience. They have a live chat feature that works pretty well (you're not sitting in front of your computer staring at the same screen for 20 minutes). 

Overall, this isn't a bad experience. It was kind of lukewarm, if anything. Nothing terribly wrong from what I expected, but also this didn't exceed my expectations. I would recommend going to the store for some cheap things, but also remember that it's made in China so don't expect amazing quality. I would also advise you to choose "US Expedited Shipping" if you're buying from the US Warehouse. If you choose first class, they won't send you a tracking number unless the order is over $25. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Auditions, Ki Hong Lee, and Other Things

I meant to go and post something the day after I started this blog, and then life kind of took a toll lol. I'm focusing a lot more on eating healthy and losing around twenty pounds before Anime Expo next year. It's kind of a crazy goal, but I want to get back to the weight I used to be when I was super active and eating healthy. Though it's hard, going to school and having weeks where you can't afford the healthiest thing and you have to go and use that McDonald's coupon you have because you have $1 in your bank account and you wouldn't be able to have any food otherwise (yes, this has happened). However, since I'm doing better financially for now I decided that I should start eating healthier. There's one place that I know of that makes fresh food and from what I know, it's pretty healthy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


As of 2 AM today, I've started this blog. Originally I had a book blog and then I made it this weird like... book/cosplay/fashion blog and it was just a mess so I started back fresh. My goal with this blog is to just let out some steam from every day life and talk about my days as they go by. Sometimes I might put up a review or what not, but I don't want this to become some overly professional or about face blog. I just want a blog to be myself.

I've decided to keep my blog on Tumblr to a somewhat aesthetic level now. So a lot of my text posts are going to go here. Before I get a bit too tired, though, I'm going to go to sleep and then I'll make new posts about tomorrow.

Good Night.