Saturday, September 19, 2015

Auditions, Ki Hong Lee, and Other Things

I meant to go and post something the day after I started this blog, and then life kind of took a toll lol. I'm focusing a lot more on eating healthy and losing around twenty pounds before Anime Expo next year. It's kind of a crazy goal, but I want to get back to the weight I used to be when I was super active and eating healthy. Though it's hard, going to school and having weeks where you can't afford the healthiest thing and you have to go and use that McDonald's coupon you have because you have $1 in your bank account and you wouldn't be able to have any food otherwise (yes, this has happened). However, since I'm doing better financially for now I decided that I should start eating healthier. There's one place that I know of that makes fresh food and from what I know, it's pretty healthy.

This restaurant sells Mediterranean foods like kabobs and falafel, but they have a great deal for around $5.40 that has a quarter of a chicken along with salad and rice (which is amazing). I've tried to cut out rice for the most part, but I am weak to theirs. So delicious. It also has grapes in it and the chicken is seasoned so perfectly and is always really nice to eat. I've never had it overcooked from them.

I also decided to try baklava for the first time and it was really delicious. A bit sweet, but it was a nice little pick me up. 

Aside from changing my diet, I'm also cutting out any kind of sugary drinks for the most part. I try to restrict myself to one a day for now and water for the rest of the day. During the summer, it seemed that I was getting really dehydrated and it got worse through the crazy heat waves here in California that seem to show no signs of stopping OTL. So keeping a water bottle from home has been a bit of a challenge, but I do what I can. 

I also bought a bike to go from my house to campus. It's gonna be hard since it's bout five and a half miles between them, but I'm super determined. Since I have so little time out of my day to just do... well anything besides school and work, I decided to incorporate it into my daily routine. Now, the bike won't get here until around October apparently, I haven't checked it recently after I ordered it, but I really hope it gets here sooner :T. 

Enough about diet though. Let's talk about my school life. I got the great opportunity to have Ki Hong Lee (Unbreakable, and Maze Runner) come to my auditioning/cold reading class and talked to us about what he did and how he got started. It was really informative and he was so down to earth and a fun guy. He also spoke a lot about the actors that were minorities and how he felt that he needed to be the driving force to change the way we are cast in movies as an artist. He talked about how it might not change if we don't write, direct, and produce our own stories. And then after that he had pictures with us. 

A photo posted by Ki Hong Lee (@kihonglee) on

The next day I had auditions for the fall show at my college. I really wanted the lead, but after auditions and callbacks I had a feeling that I didn't get it (and I didn't), but I was still cast and I get to have some awesome wordplay with innuendos. I'm really excited, but I can just see my paycheck going out the window because my hours will be shot to hell during the show ;-;, but it's going towards my career and I'm happy.

I'm planning on going out to LA next weekend to go and buy fabric for Halloween. My boyfriend wants to make him into a Sith and he kind of wants me to join him, but we'll see. However, I'm not only going for Halloween, I'm going for good ol' cosplay. Haha.

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